There is a link towards the bottom of this page of our website containing the full Booking Terms and Conditions.
There is also requirement that you have read and understood the Booking Terms & Conditions prior to your booking being accepted, via the clicking of an acceptance bullet point on the Booking Form.

Provide as many details as possible on our Contact Us page and we’ll advise you of any plans we may have for that sport or event. If there is enough interest, we may even add it to our list!
Yes. As per our Booking Terms & Conditions, Travel Insurance is compulsory. We don’t want anyone taking any unnecessary risks on our tours.
As this is a fluid situation, determining whether your health, fitness, and pandemic vaccination status qualifies you for one of our tours, is entirely your responsibility. This includes every aspect of passport, visa, vaccination and health immigration requirements and, whilst we will always direct you to the local Embassy, Consulate or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT – ) for clarification, we will not be held responsible for any tour guest who breaches the requirements and regulations of the host country/city. Any breaches of these responsibilities which might prevent you from travelling to or participating in any aspect of the tour, will be at your exclusive cost up to and including any losses which we incur as a result of your breach.
In many cases, we will need to buy ‘inventory’ from our 3rd party suppliers before we have been paid in full by a tour guest. Inventory can be match/event tickets, hospitality tickets, hotel rooms or seats on an aircraft. The list is lengthy. Many of these suppliers have their own non-refundable policy so we are subject to their own Terms and Conditions.
There is an extensive section on our Booking Terms & Conditions around cancellations – whether by us or by you.
Each tour will differ but details will be provided on relevant tour pages. Generally, there will be an option for both the inclusion and exclusion of flights and an option for single or twin share accommodation. Only the meals stated on the tour flyer/itinerary will be included. Equally, each tour will only include a specified number of tickets for nominated matches/events although we may try to source additional match/event tickets for you (at your own, additional expense) should you ask.
Each confirmed tour has a dedicated page on the website with a booking tab. All pages relating to as yet unconfirmed tours offer you the opportunity to lodge your Expression of Interest so that, as soon as a tour is confirmed, we can contact you.

Payments can be made using PayPal, VISA or Diners. The associated fees are 1.9% (PayPal), 1.9% (VISA) and 1.9% (Diners).

Unfortunately, no. All our bookings are made online via the secure Booking Form on the relevant dedicated tour webpage.

As a tour guest, you have a choice: either to make your flight bookings yourself to align with the start and end of our tour itinerary OR we can make the bookings on your behalf by connecting you with our travel partner who is a member of both the Australian Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) and the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and has extensive Group Travel booking experience.

Yes, we take your online security seriously and respect your privacy. We use secure payment portals like PayPal and SSL servers to ensure your purchases are secure and safe.
This will depend from tour to tour but likely to be approximately 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the tour. If you needed further information, please contact us at after you have made your booking and we will advise as soon as possible